When I was at your dental office the other day, Dr. Marshall asked me how Pierre liked the place and what he thought of his experience there and I said I didn't know...
I came home and talked to Pierre about it and he said Dr. Marshall is the best dentist and she has the best office he has ever been too!!!!! Just thought I would pass that on so if you want to tell Dr. Marshall and obviously the rest of the staff.....Pierre is a hard one with Dr.'s and offices.....just thought I would let you know.

Kaitlin Willett

"I would just like to say that it has been a pleasure to be a patient of Dr. Marshall. Both my wife and I have found Dr. Marshall and her staff to be professional, friendly, courteous, and thorough. I would highly recommend Dr. Marshall and her staff to anyone seeking a great dental experience."

Tony from Lake Orion

"I have had several root canals, etc. and have never even had an assistant call back, doctor personally - I'm impressed, especially you in a similar case as us with children of the same age, it's a fire drill in our house every night and morning and like most nights, oldest got home last night at 9:40 and both boys needed all football stuff washed to leave early AM.
My old Dentist is a close friend (practices in Allen Park - to far to drive) he never called the night of, now when we would go skiing or over at the house, he would check that front tooth for wiggle and say, I think it's going to make it.

Minor sore yesterday, to busy to notice and this morning, mouth feels 100% fine, only reminds me if I chew on that side by accident.

Tried setting something up with Doctor VanRaaphorst this week, but earliest appt. available was Oct. 28 th

I'm switching both my boys over to you - never know - maybe will set the two oldest up. I think Cole is all for it with the cleaning lady setting him up with Miss Jr Michigan - he wants to take her to the prom.


"My six-year old son recently had two "baby" teeth extracted by Dr. Marshall. Prior, he had exhibited significant apprehension about the process. However, he was immediately put at ease by Dr. Marshall and her staff as they compassionately and patiently explained the entire process to him; beginning with the numbing of his gums, lips and cheeks, and ending with the actual removal of his teeth and required care afterward. The same delicate attention was exhibited during the procedure, as well. As a result, my son's discomfort was negligible and his overall satisfaction was significant. Whether it concerns the care of my teeth, or those of my son, I have never left Dr. Marshall's office unsatisfied with the quality of the work or the quality of the people."

Tony Lasher

"I am not sure if you remember me or not but you took care of my teeth at your practice in Omaha. Actually, it was more like you saved my teeth from the brink and you did it with compassion, tenacity, and an expertise that I have yet to see anyone match. I can remember how my wife, Diana had to drag me to even go in and see you for a consultation. I still thank her for that.

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you again for going the extra mile. Also to let you know that because of your efforts my teeth are still in pretty good shape even after all of these years. I still go to the same practice even though I now live in Phoenix (I catch a lot of guff for that). Doctor Pat Burchfiel is my dentist now and seems to have the same passion for taking care of his clients as you do. Anyway, thank you from the bottom of my teeth and I hope you find this note well."

Scott Maudlin

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